Ffuuss 278X162


ffuuss™ is part of a holding comprised of companies that are experts in fields related to injection. OTS Group:

Injecter: Research and development of new types of tools, the creation of prototypes and special series.
Injecter Business: Assembling and decoration of injected products.
Solsomot: Design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of moulds and tools for moulds and injection.
Sitting Barcelona: A young furniture company that began as a part of OTS Group, a family business with an international calling that was founded in 1995.

Within this holding, ffuuss™ focuses on the marketing of the end product, in line with the Group´s philosophy: extremely high quality adapted to the needs of every customer.

The combination of invention, design, technology and manufacturing in a seamlessly integrated team produces greater flexibility, faster response, better prices and, above all, the highest level of commitment to its customers.

Complete autonomy for the generation of ideas and their production is the driving force behind ffuuss™ and the guarantee that the hand dryer is the first of many projects still to come.