23 - 25 September 2018

Dubai World Trade Centre



  • Danilo Asis

    Danilo Asis.png

    FM EXPO is a must to attend for people who are working in FM (Facilities Management) in construction or any individual who is always looking for a new development in technology; people who want to gain knowledge, expertise & improve their skills

    Facilities Supervisor - Dubai Opera
  • Ilyas Ahmed

    Ilyas Ahmed.png

    As we are working in the FM industry, it is our objective to attend such events because we get to know the latest market updates, launching of the new equipment/tools, etc.  We will also get to know the options of various specialist contractors.

    Operations Manager - Emrill
  • Maher Alanqar

    Maher Alanqar.png

    As a consultant, we are very interested in the FM market because of the high demand with all these new emerging development in GCC / MENA. This event will give us a better understanding about the core of the service itself, and where we can contribute as a consultant, for example, energy audits, and commissioning old buildings.

    Business Development Manager (UAE) - KEO International Consultants
  • Mohamed Karmaoui

    Mohamed Karmaoui.png

    I would like to attend FM EXPO as it is such an exciting field at the moment with all the new developments .

    Portfolio Manager - Place Community Managers
  • Nizar Omair

    Nizar Omair.png

    FM Expo is the ideal location & hub for those who represent the facilities management industry to show case their expertise and state of the art technologies they have put forward to their clients and customers.

    Project Manager - Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
  • Osama El Saied

    Osama El Saied.png

    Attending the event helps to have an update on the facility management field in the market as it will serve and improve my business.

    Building Executive - Mubadala Capital Land Real Estate
  • Phil Machin

    Philip Machin.png

    I’m looking forward to meeting innovative service providers, and learning about new technologies that can disrupt the industry and raise service standards across the region.

    Business Development Coordinator - Mace Macro
  • Raizal Salim


    I am excited to attend FM EXPO this year, as FM is a rapidly growing industry in this region with lots of tough competitors in line attending the event. Gaining knowledge to understand new market openings; technologies, facilities and meeting competent personnel’s in this field would be of great opportunity for a person working in the same field.

    HSE Officer - Isnaad LLC
  • Ramzi F. Qumsieh

    Ramzi F. Qumsieh.png

    The event is a platform to network with colleagues from the FM industry

    Head of Facilities Management Unit - Projacs
  • Shammas Shoukath

    Shammas Shoukath.png

    Visiting FM EXPO helps to understand latest technologies used for FM operations, find new FM service providers in the market, network, and discuss industry challenges – to align with what we are facing currently.

    Assistant Manager - Dubai Properties
  • Siegrid Althuizen

    Siegrid Althuizen.png

    Responsible for the strategies and brand design of our FM clients I would like to see, touch and feel the latest innovations in the industry.

    CEO, Skyne
  • Syed M. Abbas

    Syed M. Abbas.png

    As a technology based company we always seek for new development in the industry. FM EXPO provides many opportunities to connect with the local and global industry community, allowing us to meet like-minded individuals and subsequently, leverage the best contacts – this is invaluable in today’s competitive market and gives a good indication of where things are headed in the relevant industries and what innovations and value additions we can offer and can get a chance to learn as much as possible during FM EXPO

    Chief Business Officer - BYT Technologies LLC
  • Zia Syed

    Zia Syed.png

    I am looking forward to this event to know more about new products, building my network and learning new things.

    Facilities Manager - Majid Al Futtaim Fashion LLC